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Our Story

At Dear One, we’re a little old-fashioned. We love family traditions, simple design, and preserving our personal stories with pen and paper. We aspire to honor new life by creating timeless products that celebrate growth and family connection and capture life’s precious moments.

We both grew up in British Columbia, but we didn’t meet until our college years, when one serendipitous afternoon we crossed paths while walking along the same stretch of coastline in Victoria. It quickly became apparent that we shared the same values and interests and a deep friendship was forged.

Bronwen now lives on tranquil Vancouver Island with her husband and two daughters, and Emily lives in bustling New York City with her husband. From West to East and much traveling between, our company mission grew out of the best qualities of these dramatically different landscapes. Vancouver Island inspires us to reflect, foster community, and seek simplicity. New York City reveals the energy of people and storytelling, fuels our love of modern design and allows us to experience “moments” like no other.

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Bronwen is a family therapist and Emily works in advertising & business development. We are proof that best friends can have vastly different careers, on different coasts, in different countries and still be a team every day. Togetherness is a big theme for us and for Dear One. We hope our products promote family connection and honor the beautiful everyday moments that you share with your child.